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Reblog if you want one of these in your askbox:

  • A compliment
  • A story
  • Why you follow me
  • If you met me what would you do
  • A cute message
  • One thing you want to tell me
  • One thing you want to know about me

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          look at that header i am so proud of myself


          i finally hit 1.4k after weeks of people following and then unfollowing and shitty edits and bad 3 am comics 

          so i decided to do a thing

          since you suckers have put up with my shit and followed this blog, i want to do something for YOU. yeah. you. 

          and so, I’m doing follower appreciation weekend. next weekend I’m going to be running around taking photos and making comics and drawing and doodling and making lots of 5 song playlists. but what does that have to do with you? 

          each comic and each photo and each doodle is inspired by you, and your blog. Also, there will be lots of random anons going around to my followers explaining how frickin much i love you all. 

          "but how the frick does that work?!" you ask. WELL, friend, you have to message me off of anon and tell me if you want a photoset (2 or 3 photos taken and edited by me), a shitty ass comic (made by me of course), or a doodle (once again, made by me), or a handmade 5 song playlist, all summarizing or inspired by your blog and it’s aesthetic. 

          that’s really cool, right?! 

          and so, here are the rules

          • must be following me (mar petriccah ) (i might change my url sometime this week so be warned)
          • must reblog this awesome post 
          • message me what blog inspired option you want (must be off anon)

          Please note that submissions (asks n reblogs n stuff) will close this coming thursday (SEPTEMBER 18) so I can try to do all of them and then send them all out on saturday and sunday. 

          If I don’t end up doing yours, please don’t get your panties in a wad. this shit is hard and requires time. 

          Also, only one request per person please!! 

          okay so in order for me to even do this, this post needs to reach 200+ notes or i’m just going to delete it out of embarrassment.  

          okay cool NOW GO AND REBLOG THIS AND SPREAD IT TO EVERYONE! (don’t reblog it more than once please.)

          THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! 

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              Oh Benny.. [x]

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                    it is not enough to be a dumb fuck, can you fill the silence?

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